2011 Seminars can be scheduled now !!!
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For Seminars at your Dojo
Please contact Hanshi Phil Little 10th Dan Isshinryu Karate. Get on the Calendar by e-mailing usika@charter.net or call for immediate scheduling

Contact us by email and have the next seminar at your location. to get on the seminar schedule. Kata, Kumite and Weapons
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Seminars are for any DOJO that wants to improve their skills in their Kata's, Bunkai, Kumite, and Weapons. Ground Fighting Isshin - Jujitsu as well, their level of expertise in the total art of Isshinryu. All Isshinryu Dojo's that are interested are welcome to schedule a seminar. Call for details (864-225-8610) or e-mail Phil Little usika@chapter.net

Grandmaster Phil Little training at his personal Surfside Dojo
Anderson, South Carolina Located on beautiful Lake Hartwell.

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For more information click below and e-mail U.S.I.K.A. Headquarters and we will
contact you personally with information needed. Click here> usika@charter.net

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NOTE! If you are not a member of the U.S.I.K.A. and would like join our Association.
please click here at JoinTheBest@usika.com